Sustainable development

Complex World

You work in a complex world where standard applications cannot fulfill all your business needs.

You look for stable software that integrates your IT infrastructure perfectly.

You search a reliable partner that understands your challenges and follows your pace.

Optimal Solutions

We think that early shipping, short iterations and good communication are the keys to tackles the hardest problems.

But as we know that rushing to code is not always the best option, we also want to understand your organization, discover the issues faced by the users and be part of the reflection to find the bests ways to reach yours goals.

Our Tools

We are specialized in the Python frameworks and libraries. We are especially well versed in scientific softwares with high performance requirements, web-development and web services.

We know how to write portable code that runs identically on Linux, Mac OS and Windows, and we are proficient on all platforms.

Our latest work

Back-testing (2016) - Engie

Business Intelligence

  • daily collection of data from various sources (files, SOAP, ...). Extensible through a plug-ins system (e.g. for new sources)
  • parsing and pre-processing of this data from different file types (xls, xml, csv,..). Can also be extended using plugins.
  • parsing (getting the data in the right format for the db).
  • pre-processing (filtering and adapting data as we want it), also plugin-able for new filters and adaptations.
  • generates a weekly report based on the retrieved data. Everything is highly configurable so you can turn plugins on and off if you want a custom run for some reason (mainly reimporting).

Haruba (2016) - Engie

Web-based file sharing

  • allows to view and share files using a web interface and/or a REST API
  • supports 2-factor authentication using SMS or a smartphone app
  • supports files up to 4GB, but can be configured to handle even larger files
  • service built using Flask, web interface built using Knockout.js
  • user can drag-n-drop files to upload them
  • on-line edit is possible with certain file types
  • permissions are delegated to a Sigil instance

Selenium Runner (2016) - Engie

Parallel web application testing framework

  • uses Docker-in-Docker to create an initial database and fill it with test data
  • then performs Selenium-driven tests, each in a separate container
  • collects test artifacts such as screenshots and test results

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