Business Developer (FR)


We are looking for an experienced business developer to join our team in France.

You will design and refine the sales strategy for the company in France and Belgium, in relation with the internal team. With your marketing hat, you will participate in the internal products design, and with your salesperson hat, you will keep in touch with our current customer, making sure their needs have been attended for.

You are a people person, and you know what "service" means.

We encourage our people to work from home, so you must be comfortable with this idea. Regular face-to-face meetings with our customers are part of the position as well.

You don't have to write code for this position, but if you code on your free time, you will find like-minded people here.

You will be provided with everything you need for your job:

  • laptop of your choice
  • cell phone of your choice with data plan
  • paid transportation and hotel if needed
  • you-name-it tech gadgets

Perks include:

  • 10 days of extra-legal paid leave
  • (very) flexible working hours
  • the boss really cares about you, and your opinion matters
  • paid trips to tech conferences


  • track record of successful business development strategies
  • knowledge of the french tech market
  • your are fluent in French and English
  • you have a strong understanding of what you do, and why you do it
  • you can operate your computer unsupervised, bonus points if it runs on Mac OS or Linux
  • you know how to express your opinion while remaining well-manered
  • you enjoy being challenged and have freedom to create
Location Paris / Nancy, FR
Telecommute Yes
Status Part-time / Full-time employee / Contractor
Experience Confirmed/Senior
Salary Range 30-40k€ / year
How to apply
Send your CV, preferably in PDF format, at More positions