Apprentice Developer


We are looking for a few junior developers to join our team in Belgium.

How do you get your first job if all jobs require years of experience ? You think you could make a good impression if you were given a chance ? We are ready to invest in you if we see potential !

We know some companies are not afraid of sending unprepared juniors to work onsite at customers on their first day. However, we believe this is a disservice to both customer and new recruits. This is why we designed a junior program where you are being actively trained before being sent to customers.

At the end of this training period, you will be fully involved in company projects (internal or customer).

We encourage our people to work from home, so you must be comfortable with this idea.

  • for internal projects, you will mostly work from home (or whererver you like)
  • for customer projects, you will usually work 2-3 days on site and 2-3 days from home, depending on the project needs

You will be provided with everything you need for your job:

  • laptop of your choice
  • cell phone of your choice with data plan
  • paid transportation and hotel if needed
  • you-name-it tech gadgets

Perks include:

  • 10 days of extra-legal paid leave
  • (very) flexible working hours
  • the boss really cares about you, and your opinion matters
  • paid trips to tech conferences


  • working knowledge of Python
  • your are fluent in English
  • you have a strong understanding of what you do, and why you do it
  • you would see yourself using Python for the next 5 years
  • you have some experience with another programing language (Java, .NET, C/C++, ...)
  • you are familiar with POSIX systems (Linux, OSX)
  • you can properly operate a Windows computer if required
  • you know how to express your opinion while remaining well-manered
  • you enjoy being challenged and build non-conventional systems
  • EU citizenship
  • residing in Belgium
Location Brussels, BE
Work At Home Yes
Status Full time employee
Experience Graduate/Junior
Salary Range 35-40k€ / year
How to apply
Send your CV, preferably in PDF format, at More positions