Shweta Rajani

Shweta Rajani

Junior developer


Graduated as a Master in Computer Science in 2014, Shweta is a programmer with 7 years of experience on various programming languages.

Having worked as an assistant professor within the Department of Computer Science at multiple technological institution in India, she moved to Belgium in 2018, joining Adimian in the process.

Next to being a programmer and teacher, Shweta also holds multiple Red Hat certifications, wrote a thesis on load balancing and has been invited as a speaker to multiple conferences, receiving a "Best Presentation" award in the process. She also developed a Siri-like personal digital assistant for herself, in order to increase productivity by lowering manual tasks.


  • Python developer
  • Databases (Oracle, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Software architecture and engineering
  • Agile development
  • Managing open-source projects and remote teams
  • Experienced in Education and Coaching
  • Test Driven Development
  • Frontend development (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)
  • Code quality and continuous integration (GitLab)
  • Automated deployment and provisioning (Ansible, Jenkins, Docker)
  • Certified RedHat Engineer
  • Machine Learning and AI