Storm 2015-ongoing
Business Intelligence

  • Replace an existing workflow based on Excel in order to:
    • Federate team work around a same referential of data.
    • Streamline and automate the day to day process.
    • Measure and monitor with continuous integration the solution performance with respect to historical data. ​
  • Maintain information about power plants in Europe
    • Data is stored in Postgresql in ~40 tables.
    • Loading and update of data is done with Tanker (, mainly from or to Excel files. ​
  • Generate all input files necessary to run the price model
    • Plugable architecture to handle data transformation (based mainly on pandas, numpy and some scientific Pythnon libraries).
    • Declarative definition of generated files.
    • Collect live information form tens dozens of sources (either through web scraping or from coprporate web-services).
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